Classic Vegan Caesar Salad

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I am SO excited for you to try my new recipe for Classic Vegan Caesar Salad. It is 100% plant-based, oil-free, soy-free, nut-free and easily one of my most delicious salads you’ll ever eat.

I have always been obsessed with caesar salad. It’s so creamy and savory.

Classic Vegan Caesar Salad

This vegan caesar salad is:







Classic Vegan Caesar Salad

Will my non-vegan family and friends enjoy it?

This classic vegan caesar salad is truly the best addition to any meal. In addition, made this at my non-vegans friend’s house and they fell in love with it. They couldn’t believe it was vegan and said it tastes just like the traditional caesar salad they are used to.

Classic Vegan Caesar Salad

Why is it important to eat organic produce?

I used the romaine from Josie’s Organics,  an amazing all organic company that grows their produce in the fertile California Valley. Their family farming business dates back to the 1920’s, when two young Swiss immigrants, Sebastian and Josie Braga decided to start growing beets, tomatoes, onions, hay and corn.

Today, three generations later, the organic family farming tradition is being kept alive! Josie’s Organics harvests over 25 varieties of USDA certified organic veggies. How awesome?!

Josie’s Organics doesn’t use any synthetic fertilizers or pesticides on their farms. This is so important! 

Be sure to look out for Josie’s Organics in your local store! Use their store locator here!

I found the romaine at my Trader Joe’s.

Bring this to a pot-luck, share with work friends, make the dressing in advance for meal-prep throughout the week. The dressing keeps in the fridge for about 5 days.

Pro Tips:

  • You can add whatever greens you like to mix with the romaine.
  • Try mixing romaine with arugula or even romaine with butter lettuce.
  • I personally like the heartiness of the kale and the crunchiness of the romaine combined – super yum!
  • Instead of bread based croutons for the classic vegan caesar salad, I use chickpea croutons! Hearty and crispy, these chickpeas give the salad an extra CRUNCH!

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Classic Vegan Caesar Salad

Creamy, crunchy, savory vegan caesar salad that is beyond delicious and 100% plant-based. 

the ingredients

  • 2 heads chopped romaine lettuce I use Josie's Organics
  • 4 cups chopped kale
  • 1 15 oz can chickpeas
  • vegan parmesan cheese

Caesar Dressing

  • 1 cup raw sunflower seeds
  • 2 lemons juiced
  • 1 tsp garlic powder
  • 3 tsp capers
  • 2 tsp whole grain dijon mustard
  • 1/2 tsp pink salt
  • 3/4 cup water more or less depending on how thick you want it


  • For the chickpea croutons, preheat the oven to 425 degrees F. Season with salt + pepper. Bake them for 15 minutes until golden brown. Set aside.
  • For the dressing - boil sunflower seeds for 10 minutes until soft, then drain and add to blender. Add the rest of the dressing ingredients to high speed blender and blend until completely smooth. 
  • Pour as much or as little dressing over the greens as you'd like. Top with chickpea croutons and sprinkle on vegan parmesan. 
  • Serve and enjoy! 

This post was sponsored by Josie’s Organics, a brand that I am proud to partner with. I am thankful to be supported by such an amazing organic farming initiative.


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  1. roz keith says:

    One thing I miss by being vegan is a good caesar salad. YUM.5 stars

  2. Marty Teffeteller says:

    This dressing is my go-to dressing now! Love it!5 stars

  3. Laura says:

    Amazing. Made 1/2 recipe and this far outweighs any vegan ceasar dressing probably as it has no nutritional yeast flavor.5 stars

    1. Danielle Keith says:

      OMG YAY!

  4. Jean says:

    This is so AMAZING!!! The only thing I did differently was bake the chickpeas a little longer to make them crispy. As a meal for lunch or a side at dinner with your penne alla vodka, just perfect. I’m so happy I can have caesar salad again. Thank you so much Danielle!!5 stars

  5. Carolyn | The Organic Gypsy says:

    This looks absolutely amazing! sooooo trying this!5 stars

  6. Lynn says:

    I really enjoyed this salad and it was super quick, easy to make. The dressing, in my opinion, was spot on and the chickpea croutons are a game changer!5 stars

    1. Danielle Keith says:

      YES! I am so glad you loved it.

  7. Suzanne says:

    This looks so good! What a great lunch meal prep for the week!

  8. VAnessa says:

    Thanks for sharing! Does the dressing keep long?

    1. Danielle Keith says:

      Maybe 2 weeks max in the fridge.

  9. Sara says:

    Holy cow. I’ve been vegan for 6+ years and this salad was one I could never get right no matter how many dressing recipes I’d try. Yours just blew them all out of the water. I am OBSESSED and can’t thank you enough for this. I am a follower on Ig and this is technically the first thing of yours I’ve tried so I will definitely be back for more. Thank you SO much!!!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️5 stars

    1. Danielle Keith says:

      WOW! Thank you for your great feedback.

  10. Ale says:

    This looks great! What would you suggest to use instead of sunflower seeds as I am allergic. Thank you.

    1. Danielle Keith says:


  11. Question says:

    Is it necessary to boil the sunflower seeds if you’re using a high speed blender?5 stars

    1. Danielle Brown says:


  12. Macy says:

    This salad is soo good! I love the chickpea croutons. I have loved every salad recipe I’ve tried this far. Thank you!5 stars

  13. Sarah Rumney says:

    I love this dressing! I also love to add chopped hearts of palm to my salad.5 stars