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Hi besties! If you’re new around here, I’m Danielle, the “healthy girl” behind HealthyGirl Kitchen. After adopting a plant-based diet my freshman year of college with limited resources and living out of a dorm room, I knew that I wanted to share my knowledge of plant-based eating with everyone who would listen. When I first learned that a plant-based diet meant eating a vegan diet, this seemed unfamiliar and foreign to me. Didn’t vegans smoke weed all day and eat tofu? I couldn’t imagine meals without dairy, I was a cheese-a-holic. From feta cheese to soft-serve ice cream, to cheesy pizza, I was scared to give up my favorite foods. In my college dorm, I had to get creative. I was microwaving sweet potatoes in my dorm room; I made the salad bar my best friend and I kept a huge bowl of fruit that didn’t need to be refrigerated on my desk for easy snacking. Four months into plant-based eating, I lost 15 pounds, my skin was clearer, I had so much more energy, and my chronic heartburn disappeared.

Today, I share EASY, nourishing, plant-based recipes with millions of people on social media. I create the kind of recipes and meal ideas that I wish I had back when I first went vegan 7 years ago. I am here to inspire you every day to fall in love with cooking (without meat, dairy, and eggs) and taking care of yourself. It feels SO good to eat foods that fuel you and nourish you.

I live in sunny, gorgeous, Boca Raton, FL with my handsome, amazing husband Ari. I love long walks, the beach, candles, cooking while listening to bossa nova jazz, any meal that involves pasta, chocolate, shoving popcorn in my mouth, and snuggling under the covers with a cup of tea watching Netflix.

Who is a healthygirl?

Anyone can be a healthygirl, whether you’re vegan or not, everyone is welcome in my community. A healthygirl is the girl who wants to try having meatless Mondays, or who wants to start cooking healthier dinners for herself. A healthygirl is the girl-on-the-go who needs quick lunch ideas that are not only good for you but taste good too. A healthygirl is the busy mama who wants to learn how to make healthier plant-forward meals for her family. A healthygirl is the girl who has no clue how to eat healthy (or how to cook in general) but wants to learn. A healthygirl is the girl who wants to cook healthy meals with her partner (trust me, they’re going to be obsessed with hgk recipes). A healthygirl doesn’t restrict or deprive herself of food, she loves nourishing her beautiful body. A healthygirl is the girl who wants to fall in love with cooking for herself.

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