How to Make a Dairy-Free Latte

If you want to make the best non-dairy vegan latte, follow this latte guide for making incredible lattes at home.

Ordering a latte out means you need to leave the house and it’s very expensive. I ordered a latte the other day and it was $8! Learn how to make your daily latte at home to save time and money. The best part is that the ones you make at home are always better than store-bought!

What do you need to make a latte at home?

  • Espresso machine: I highly recommend getting an espresso machine. Out of the ones I have tried, the brand Terra Kaffe is truly outstanding. No expensive pods necessary for Terra Kaffe, just use coffee beans!
  • Coffee Beans: I use organic fair-trade decaf coffee beans but use what you like. It is best to use medium roast non-oily beans in your espresso machine in order to keep your machine running properly.
  • Milk: Your choice of milk is required! If you are dairy-free then use any dairy-free milk you like.

What dairy-free milk makes the best lattes:

  1. Almond: You can use almond milk but it’s best to use a barista blend so it’s a bit creamier. If you use regular almond milk it will be watery.

2. Oat Milk: oat milk is great in lattes and produces a very creamy result! Highly recommend.

3. Soy Milk: soy is the best type of milk to use in lattes, it’s not only high in protein but it’s creamy and thicker so it gives body and substance to the latte making it much more pleasant and flavorful.

What espresso machine is recommended?

There are many different types of espresso machines but the new Terra Kaffe TK-02 is the real deal. Make everything from espresso shots, delectable cappuccinos, to delicious lattes in your own home at the touch of a button.

Thanks to its ingenious hybrid brew unit, TK-02 can create REAL drip coffee. While other machines try to pass off watered down espresso, TK-02 makes the real thing.

“The most advanced automatic espresso machine from Terra Kaffe. Delivers an unparalleled level of precision, customization, and quality from whole bean coffee, brewing the full range of café favorites like cappuccinos, drip coffee, and more.

– Terra Kaffe

What does the Terra Kaffe TK-02 include?

  • Includes milk carafe, beechwood pre-ground scooper, and free TK app download.
  • Timely support via Coffee Concierge Team.
  • 30 day/150 brew in-home trial, learn more here.
  • Includes 2 year / 5,000 brew limited manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Choose between white or black model.
  • Full control over milk foam – make as foamy or silky as you like.

How to make the healthygirl signature soy milk latte:

Using my Terra Kaffe TK-02, I make a double latte using 2 shots of espresso, and 6.4 oz of organic soy milk. I turn the foam to the highest setting for maximum amount of froth.

If your milk has been in the fridge, heat it up before making the latte so that your latte is hot enough. I like to sweeten mine with 1 tsp maple syrup for just a hint of sweetness.

This blog post is brought to you in partnership with Terra Kaffe.

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