My Healthy Morning Routine

Starting on a positive note

I think that starting your morning in a productive way really sets the tone for how your entire day is going to play out. The first thing I do when I wake up is open my shades in both my bedroom and living room. Letting the light in and brightening up my apartment makes me so happy. I then brush my teeth. I know some people eat breakfast first then brush their teeth but I like to brush first in order to get rid of any bacteria that might have built up overnight. I also have to eat first thing when I wake up otherwise I get light-headed. My boyfriend can wake up and not eat for like 3 hours. Everyone is different!

Time to Eat

I head straight for the blender to make my celery juice. I wrote a whole separate blog about why I am obsessed with celery juicing. I love how having celery juice first thing really cleans out my gut and hydrates me first thing. Next up is breakfast. Most days, I will either eat some seasonal fresh fruit or have a yummy smoothie – if we are out of smoothie ingredients, my next choice would be avocado toast. I like a light breakfast, having something heavy is just not for me. If you feel like you have to unbutton your pants after breakfast, you might want to re-evaluate.

Cleaning Cleaning Cleaning

After breakfast, I HAVE to make the bed. Making the bed takes 2 minutes and it makes all the difference. If I left the house for the day without making my bed it would give me anxiety. Side note, I am a bit of a neat freak so I like my apartment to be clean at all times. I typically take 20 minutes in the morning to straighten up, and then at the end of the day, I get to come home to clean apartment! Before I head out, I also take 10 minutes to go through my morning skincare routine (SPF is a must!)

Getting Active

If I have time before work, I like to squeeze in a 30-40-minute power walk on the treadmill. Being productive and efficient with my time is important so I will often listen to an educational podcast while walking. I will also make sure to drink a ton of water while walking to stay hydrated. I live in Florida and it is very humid so I have to be on top of my hydration game. Movement and physical activity is so important so getting active in the morning is super rewarding. You know what they say, sitting is the new smoking!


The last part of my morning routine on a typical day is to pack a lunch before work. Packing a lunch ensures that you have a nutritious meal at your convenience. For those of you out there who tend to eat out a lot or grab fast food, packing a lunch will save you money, calories, and is so much healthier for you! I like to pack things like apples and nut butter, veggies w/hummus, Mary’s Gone Crackers with half an avocado for dipping, and Lara bars (blueberry muffin flavor is my fav). You can even make a container with leftovers from dinner the night before. My new go-to has been this vegan/gluten-free Mediterranean style pasta salad and I will sometimes bring that for lunch as well! Comment below if you want the recipe!

In good health,


Danielle Brown

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