Best Plants To Have in Your Home (for Your Health)

Calling all aspiring plant moms! This is a great starting guide for the best plants to have in your home for your health and wellness.

Looking to elevate your space with some bright, happy, greenery and improve your health simultaneously? Here are the HealthyGirl top picks for incorporating Mother Nature into your home. Plants and greenery have so many health benefits and make your space look mature, trendy, minimalist and modern.

1) Aloe Vera

Our top pick is aloe! Not only are aloe plants easy to care for, but they are inexpensive and last a long time. Having aloe around the house is great if you want to experiment with some super hydrating aloe water, and it’s helpful to have in the event of a burn (ouch!), in which case you can apply it directly to your skin. 

  • Blend aloe into your smoothie for a digestion boost!
  • Doesn’t need to be watered often
  • Freeze aloe and rub on your face for natural aloe face serum
Aloe plant in bathroom

2) Why You NEED Eucalyptus

Next is a super easy bunch of eucalyptus. A couple of dried stems of this clean greenery not only makes for an aesthetic space, but can also be a breath of fresh air – literally! Eucalyptus is great for respiratory wellness, so hanging this from the head of your hot shower will create a heavenly, steamy eucalyptus shower that’s amazing for lung health and feels like a spa at the same time. The BEST! 

The best hack is to get the eucalyptus leaves at Trader Joe’s – they are literally $3.

Eucalyptus plant in home

3) Snake Plant

Our third plant pick is a snake plant – don’t worry, she won’t bite! This plant is the most beneficial to your health of them all. It naturally filters the air, helps get rid of toxins and pollutants, and is super easy to care for. She’ll make sure you’re getting all the oxygen you need, which in turn can benefit your respiratory system, skin, and even your mood.

  • Go to a local greenhouse (you can even go to the Home Depot or Lowe’s greenhouse), and pick up a snake plant, they aren’t expensive at all.
Snake Plant

4) Homegrown Herbs

Fourth up will be exciting for anyone with a green thumb! The HealthyGirl team LOVES homegrown herbs, and we know you will, too. Anything from rosemary, mint, or basil can be easy and delicious to grow yourself. You can test your skills by tending to them from seed to sprout, or you can look into an LED Smart Garden to grow your herbs easily indoors. Check out some other great kitchen appliances.

Make sure to grow rosemary, basil and mint because they all purify the air!

  • plant herbs in your backyard if you have a house or on a balcony if you’re in an apartment style building!
  • Planting herbs at home makes it so easy to use them in your cooking.
  • Don’t want to plant herbs? Buy bunches of herbs from the grocery store and keep them in a mason jar with water (or bundled in a paper towel in the fridge).

Bonus Tip: Recycle Your Veggies

Don’t throw away the end of your romaine lettuce!

For those of you who might not be up for the challenge of mothering a plant from the very start, we’d suggest you look into propagating your own vegetables! This means that you reproduce a plant from its parent plant in the comfort of your own home.

This is as easy as cutting off a plant’s base and placing it in a shallow cup of water, and refreshing the water on a regular basis. This also adds oxygen to the air.

You can start off with something as simple as the base of a head of celery and watch it grow until it’s ready to harvest for your next salad. Yum!

We hope you find ways to green up your space and sow good vibes all around you. Now you know some of the best plants to have in your home for your health. Happy planting, besties!

Danielle Brown

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