For those of who you do not know, my name is Danielle Keith and I am a holistic health coach. Health coaching is a very new and rapidly growing field. You might be familiar with health professionals such as dietitians or doctors, but I am here to explain the exact role of a health coach so you can better understand if hiring a health coach could benefit you.

Putting a Band-Aid on it

When you go to your doctor, how much time do you actually spend with your doctor? I would say about 10 minutes, maybe 15 minutes if you are lucky. Your doctor is BUSY! They have to see a lot of patients.

This does not allow them the luxury of sitting with patients for an extended period of time discussing lifestyle habits, diet, and nutrition.

Their job is primarily to assess your symptoms, diagnose you, prescribe medication if applicable, and get you on your way! While doctors are brilliant, they do not receive extensive nutrition education in medical school.

For most doctors, the thought of suggesting non-drug alternatives is not even considered or offered to the patient.

My Chest Pain

I used to suffer from chronic chest pain, which I now know was caused by increased inflammation in my system. I went to countless doctors, non of whom could provide me with an answer of how to eliminate my horrible chest pain.

The only piece of advice I was given was to take an antacid a few times a day. This frustrated me.

I wanted the doctors to get to the root cause of my problem, not to tell me to cover up my pain with medication or a pill.

I started eating differently and taking care of my body and after a few months, I noticed my chest pain was gone. Eating healthy food eliminated my chronic chest pain and I haven’t had it in 4 years (so thankful).

None of the doctors I saw thought to mention to me that my chest pain was related to what I was eating.

What do health coaches actually do?

Health coaches are here to support people on their health journeys and help them achieve their health goals. We motivate, inspire, mentor, guide, educate and help our clients become the happiest, healthiest versions of themselves.

We are aware that there is no “one size fits all” solution to wellness. Many health professionals will give the same advice to each of their clients. For example, recommending cutting carbs and keeping calorie intake low. I personally pride myself on treating each of my clients as an individual and catering to their needs. One person’s food could be another person’s poison.

I am a holistic health coach which means I take EVERYTHING  into account that could contribute to my client’s wellness. Our wellness is so much more than just the food we are putting into our mouths.

Our wellness is comprised of our jobs, our stress levels, our financial situation, the relationships we have, our spirituality how much exercise we get on a daily basis, etc. I always tell my clients, you can’t call your doctor at 9:00 pm when you’re emotional and feel the need to stress eat.

Here’s the thing, most people know what foods they should be eating. People know its not a healthy choice to eat a candy bar, but they do it anyway. There are a lot of underlying reasons why people still decide to eat it.

Unlimited Support

In addition to one-on-one sessions with my clients, I provide them with unlimited support. This means they can text or email me whenever they need me for something.

Clients text me from the store asking me about the healthiest brand of bread to buy, or if they need a healthy dinner idea, how long they should cook quinoa for, the best tea for getting a good night’s sleep, what probiotic is the best kind, how to manage a late night craving, and how to not stress eat. I even have clients send me the menu of the restaurant they are going to and I will help them choose the healthiest option of what to order.

What I realized is that people want someone to hold their hand and to simply just have someone who is there for them. Also, having a health coach by your side not only helps with accountability but it means you do not have to navigate your health journey alone.

My Services

Interested in hiring a health coach? I offer FREE consultations. The consultation is completely no strings attached! It gives us a chance to talk, identify your health concerns, your wellness goals and how I can possibly help you achieve them.

I have a variety of packages, programs and options, all ranging in price so you can choose what works best for you and your lifestyle.

To schedule your FREE consultation, email me at CodeGreenWellness@gmail.com. 

In good health,




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  1. Tex Hooper says:

    That sounds really awesome that health coaches help you with night cravings. Night cravings and snacks are the main reason I am so unhealthy. I’ll have to get a health coach to gain control of my eating.


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