“Danielle is the best health coach. She is more knowledgeable than anyone I know about healthy eating and healthy life choices. She always helps me make the right choices and motivates me to do so!”

“Danielle’s diet and lifestyle recommendations helped me to lose weight, lower my cholesterol and lower my triglycerides. She is extremely well-informed and patient and her recipes are always delicious”

“She has great advice for digestive issues”

“Danielle has been unbelievably patient in problem-solving with my various health issues. She has been an incredible resource with diet and recipe ideas. Her approach is always open-minded, creative and understands that not one thing works for everyone”

“CodeGreen Wellness has changed the way I view health. Danielle eases each client in to healthier eating and lifestyle habits and is there each step of the way. She motivates myself and others to be the best that we can be!”