My Kitchen Organization Hacks

TIME TO ORGANIZE: My Kitchen Organization Hacks

Taking charge of your space by keeping it tidy, organized and clean is just as important to a healthy life as eating well or exercising.

We moved into our new apartment this May and organizing everything has been a work in progress.

However, I am so excited because we finally organized our whole kitchen. Keeping your space organized and neat will help to reduce unneeded stress and anxiety.

I find that the trick is to not just have a clean space but a strategically organized space in which everything has a specific place (aka shoving things in a drawer does not cut it). This could mean adding dividers into drawers, putting your food into all of the same containers, labeling everything, combining similar items into bins or even something as simple as getting a cup to put all of your cooking utensils in.

If your kitchen is organized there is a greater chance that you will want to cook your meals yourself, and keep healthy food around! Wouldn’t you rather organize all of your healthy food than junk food?

On another note, pantry organizing does not have to be expensive at all, I definitely did mine on a budget! This really is a fun DIY project, so ask your partner for help, see if the kids want to take part, or ask if your roommates would be on board.

Get yourself some containers

Get see-through containers to put all of your bulk items in that you use the most. This makes cooking and organizing a lot easier.

Why keep 10 half-opened boxes of penne when you could combine all of them into the same container.

We did this using large mason jars and then labeling them. We got 12 mason jars for $10 dollars, SUCH A STEAL! We did this for foods such as oats, lentils, rice, almonds, cashews, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, etc.

Order on Amazon: Mason Jars


You can use a label maker or hand write your labels, but either way it makes your items easier to find and gets rid of any confusion if you aren’t quite sure what an item is.

For example, I specified on my mason jar that I have “basmati rice”, not just plain white rice. Also use labels for broader categories of organization.

If you have a snack bin with ALL of your snacky foods– put a “snack” label on it, if you have all different boxes of pasta get a bin and put your pasta boxes in it and have a general “pasta” label on the bin. So simple yet makes all the difference in the world!

Order on Amazon: Label Maker


Organizing your spices sounds like such a minor thing, but it really is a game changer.

First, you need to get yourself a spice shelf with different levels. This allows you to see all of your spices at the same time without having to dig through your cabinet.

Next, get spice jars to transfer your existing spices into. I got a great set on Amazon – 24 glass spice jars with shaker lids for $20 dollars. They even came with their own labels and a funnel so that transferring them doesn’t make a mess.

Order on Amazon: Glass Spice Jars

Smoothie Additions

I keep my blender on the counter and I purposefully placed all of my smoothie ingredients on the shelf above it! I got glass containers at the dollar store to make my chia, flax, hemp, maca, and cacao accessible for smoothie time.

We also added a shelf so we could see the containers in the back row as well.

Glass Containers from Dollar Store

Can Dispensers

Cans in your pantry can create a cluttered mess! Get can dispensers and have one for each kind of canned foods you have. On a side note, make sure you buy BPA free cans and try to get organic if possible.

I have two dispensers, one for chickpeas and one for beans. These are also GREAT for deep cabinets.

Order on Amazon: Can Dispensers 

Bulk containers will be your best friend

I like to use these bigger containers for major staples in my home.

For example, we eat a lot of brown rice, quinoa and gluten-free pasta so I like to keep bigger containers with these items!

Order on Amazon: Bulk Containers

You need a utensil holder!

Instead of having random cooking utensils swimming around in your drawers, get a utensil holder to place next to your stove.

This is both great for organization but also convenience when you are cooking.

Order on Amazon: Utensil Holder 


Bins are great for random bags of things that you don’t have space for in containers or mason jars. I have one of these bins for all of my baking supplies and I have another for snacks and other miscellaneous items.

These just come in handy when you need to consolidate everything!

Buy on Amazon: Bins 

Tea and mugs

Keep your mugs with your tea/coffee! If you are a huge tea drinker like me and have an abundant tea collection, this is a great way to organize!

I hope that this inspires and motivates you to go organize your space. You will be obsessed and won’t want to leave your kitchen!

In good health,


Danielle Brown

Hi! I’m Danielle Brown, the face behind HealthyGirl Kitchen! I share easy, approachable plant-based recipes that are not only healthy but taste amazing. Follow me on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook for free vegan meal ideas, recipes and healthygirl tips.

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