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I am a huge believer that we should get 99% of our nutrients from real, whole, unprocessed food and that supplements should be looked at as the sprinkles on the cake. I am not the kind of person taking 30 different herbal remedies and pills every single day, that would be a waste of time and money. As a health coach, there are a few supplements I am loving right now that I think everyone could really benefit from. As a reminder, supplements do not replace a healthy, well-balanced diet. All of the supplements and brands I recommend below are vegetarian/vegan capsules.


Magnesium can be found in a variety of plant-based foods like nuts, seeds, legumes, dark chocolate, whole grains, and avocados. Eating a magnesium-rich diet is amazing for your health but adding a magnesium supplement can provide a lot of benefits if you’re not getting a sufficient amount of magnesium from your diet. I personally love magnesium because it is a natural stress reliever and is amazing for calming nerves and reducing anxiety. I take a magnesium gummy before bed by the brand Natural Calm (they also have a tea), and it really helps to calm my restless mind and allow me to have a solid night of sleep. In addition, magnesium is also critical for bone health, preventing osteoporosis, and for proper calcium absorption. Magnesium also helps with migraines, constipation, heart health, diabetes, and PMS just to name a few.

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I cannot say enough good things about this herb. Echinacea boosts the immune system and can be used to fight infections, the flu, and the common cold. The second you start feeling a cold coming on, taking echinacea will work to stop a cold in its tracks or if you already have a cold/flu it will reduce the severity and duration of your symptoms. I swear by echinacea, it is seriously life-changing. Nine times out of ten, it has stopped me from getting sick. As a preventative measure, taking echinacea every day is a good idea.

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This is the one supplement that I think is non-negotiable. Everyone should 100% be taking a probiotic. 70% of immunity comes from your gut, and so many health issues stem from an unbalanced gut. A probiotic helps to create a healthy balance of bacteria in your gut microbiome. A gut imbalance is when your gut has more bad bacteria than good bacteria. This can happen from a poor diet, being on antibiotics, or illness. Taking a probiotic helps with digestion, allergies, mental health problems like anxiety or depression (95% of serotonin is created in the gut), and boosting the immune system.

I created a Tummy Love and Care (TLC), a 2-step prebiotic and probiotic gut health system with 2×4 Nutrition. TLC supports a healthy gut and metabolism and helps ease occasional stomach discomfort and bloating, and aids in smoother digestion†.

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Zinc Picolinate

This is another supplement that is AMAZING for boosting the immune system. This kind of zinc is easily absorbed by the body and is also particularly great for clearing skin and fighting break-outs. If you have acne, I would suggest adding a zinc supplement to your routine. This form of zinc acts directly to combat swelling, redness, and inflammation and can work wonders for acne sufferers. Topical products with zinc are also great for acne. I use a moisturizer with SPF that contains zinc. Other benefits of zinc include improved learning and memory, increased cognitive function, reduction in depression, and shortens the duration of the common cold by up to 40%.

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These are just a few of my favorite supplements right now. If you have a medical condition, consult with your doctor before taking any supplements.  I highly recommend taking a turmeric supplement as well, you can read about the benefits of turmeric and why you should be taking it here.

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† These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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